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Oracle Incentive Compensation Experts

Oracle Incentive Compensation Setup, Processing, and Reporting

CRM Resource Manager

  • Integration with Oracle HR and Accounts Payable
  • Roles – Link to a Compensation Plan
  • Group – To Support Managerial Rollup
  • Team – To Provide Credit to All Members
  • Receivables Tab – To Provide Global Setup of Resource

Oracle Incentive Compensation – Compensation Plans – Simple to Complex

  • Compensation Plan for Each Combination of Incentive Measures
  • Plan Elements for Each Plan Measure/Component
  • Formulas and Expressions for the Mathematical Structure
  • Rate Tables and Dimensions for the Tiers and the Measure Payout
  • Product Classes and Rules to Link Data to the Plan Element
  • Global and/or Regional Compensation Plans

Sales Credit/Territory Assignments

  • Integration with Oracle AR and OM
  • Integration with Oracle Territory Manager
  • Custom Coverage Models for Overlay Resources
  • Integrate as Part of OIC Data Collection

Oracle Incentive Compensation – Data Collection

  • Integrated Data Collection from Oracle OM, AR, and Revenue
  • Configure Additional Data Collection Sources from Oracle Contracts, Revenue Recognition, PA, GL, Data Warehouse, Etc.
  • Configure External Data Collection Sources – POS, Legacy, Etc.
  • May Build Pre-Processor Logic to Stage Data and Populate Required Data Attributes
  • Global Data Collection into Shared Service Center Organizations

Oracle Incentive Compensation – Calculation

  • Calculate all Resources Assigned a Compensation Plan
  • Commission or Bonus Calculation
  • Calculate at Defined Interval – Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Oracle Incentive Compensation – Payment

  • Integration to Oracle Payroll
  • Interface or Export File to External Payroll System
  • Payment Processing by Payrun
  • Payment Workbench

Oracle Incentive Compensation – Reporting

  • Standard Reports – Processing, Validation, Review
  • Personalize Standard Reports
  • Self-Service Reports – Resource and Manager
  • OBIEE for OIC – Data Attributes, Reports, Dashboards